Is your internal IT staff overwhelmed with daily, tedious tasks? Are they struggling to start or make progress on major, business critical projects? Then it’s time to invest in a little extra support.

Co-Managed IT is a customized set of ongoing IT services, support, and tools we offer to companies, with internal IT departments, to help “co-manage” certain IT functions. Not only does this save your organization money (usually between 10% and 25%), but it also enables your IT team to be more focused and efficient, giving you greater peace of mind, better IT support and protections against downtime, cybercrime, and technology related compliance violations.

Don’t Replace Your IT Team – Make Them Better With Co-Managed IT Services

The most common scenarios for a Co-Managed IT approach for your IT include:

  • Your in-house IT staff is focused on high-level, strategic IT issues and projects and needs support for time consuming (yet very important!) day to day tasks such as troubleshooting, helpdesk services, software upgrades, data backup, etc.
  • Your in-house IT staff is capable of carrying out the day-to-day tasks but could use some advice and guidance regarding the organization’s overall IT objectives.
  • Your business has entered a rapid growth phase and needs to quickly scale up its IT services to support that growth.
  • You have a well-developed, in-house IT team at your headquarters but need a reliable solution for remote branch locations.
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Some of the key benefits of a Co-Managed IT solution include:

Increased productivity

With a Co-Managed IT approach, technology support is available 24x7 even if your in-house staff is on vacation, out sick, or focused on other projects. This increased responsiveness can reduce downtime and in turn, increase employee productivity.

Reduced costs

Because our Co-Managed IT services are provided for a fixed monthly fee, they offer you greater predictability in terms of your IT expenses as well as lower overall IT costs and reduced overhead.

Increased security

When you leverage our Co-Managed IT services, you get the benefit of our access to the latest technology and IT best practices. This reduces the burden on your in-house staff of having to stay abreast of constantly evolving IT security threats and ensures that your company has the best protection possible.

Don’t let your support tickets pile up or your projects sit unfinished any longer.

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