New 3x3 Teams meeting window

Microsoft announced  a major update to Microsoft Teams.  Microsoft will enable Teams users to view meetings and calls in separate windows from their main Teams client.  This is a fantastic update as you know if you have been on a call in Teams and simultaneously wanted to work in the Teams client.

The new windowing experience will join other recently announced features such as the 3x3 video which expands on the current 2x2 video, "raise hands" and custom backgrounds.

The new features will be available in June but turned off by default. This will allow users time to familiarize themselves with the new features.  Turn on the new experience using the setting by clicking on the Avatar in the top right of Teams and click Settings. On the General tab check the box next to Turn on new meetings and calling experiences.   The new features will be enabled by default sometime in July and user control of the features will be disabled in August.